With demand for scientific skincare products reaching new heights, many are looking to German innovation for the latest in skincare technology. G-beauty brands are on the rise. Germany’s pioneering skincare brands are some of the leaders in anti-ageing products.

German speaking nations have been home to some of the oldest skincare products in the world. GEHWOL founded in 1868 (Germany), Rosa Graf founded in 1926 (Germany), Simon Keller founded in 1971 (Switzerland), and the family owned STYX company founded in 1965 (Austria) to name a few. These brands are currently leading the charge in skincare innovation by only using essential organic ingredients. Fewer ingredients with noticeable results.

The brands (including those created in other German-speaking regions such as Austria and Switzerland) currently leading the charge in skincare based on nature, quality ingredients and fewer but effective ingredients.

The core principles for beauty brands from the region have remained consistent over time: transparency, efficacy, natural. German and Austrian brands are far more about perfecting a regime down to a simple selection of products that are proven to work. Less is more – as long as the quality is good and there is enough science to back it up.

Germany is also known for adhering to a large check list of strict safety and quality parameters, so products have to check a lot of boxes before they reach the beauty counter. Germany has an exceptionally rigid list of acceptable
ingredients. They place an ambitious emphasis on safety.

The label “Made in Germany” is now a symbol of the highest quality, particularly in the skincare sector. German beauty resonates because it stands for strong science and innovation.

In Austria, there are deep roots in a sustainable and holistic lifestyle. Austrians say that the skin is a mirror of the soul. The skin is the largest organ of the body and if one does not feel well, the state of the skin reflect it immediatly. Radiant skin and shiny hair are also about personal lifestyle than you might think. And the fact that a healthy diet is part of it is no longer a secret.

The heritage of German and Austrian beauty products has always been anchored in simplicity: seeking out ingredients that are proven to work. The continual use of ingredients like calendula, rose and lavender have been the backbone of natural brands.

As the ideal aesthetic evolves and those wanting to fight the signs of ageing aspire to a more natural look, G-beauty comes into its own. You will look like a healthier, happier version of yourselves – it is about good skincare, proven ingredients and prevention.