The Gehwol Line offers a variety of comfortable protective Gel pads. The feet are especially sensitive to pressure after treatment or with certain foot disorders. Our pressure protection products from polymer gel adapt to the feet as if they were custom made. And they form the worldwide standard.

  • Polymer gel has a soft and smooth effect and relieves from any pressure pain (protects against corns and blisters, sore and burning feet).
  • It is high elastic with a three-dimensioned stretching property (up to fifty times of its length and the gel does not tear) adapting to any foot shape which assures a high wearing comfort.
  • It protects against any kind of friction
  • The material is odorless
  • It is skin friendly and hypoallergenic, as it does not contain proteins, which can cause allergy
  • It contains medicinal paraffin oil in the pores of the material which is released by the body heat; the oil makes the skin supple (nourishes the skin) and reduces hard skin formation.
  • It provides a gentle grip for free move.
  • It promotes healing after e.g. a treated corn (has been removed); the gel improves skin elasticity and protects sensitive skin even after surgery (not on open wounds); e.g. toe protection rings and toe caps which are typically used for treated corns in the toe region – the paraffin oil prevents the areas from new callus
  • The articles are all reusable and last a long time (approx. 4 weeks); they can easily be washed by hand in warm water with a mild detergent, dried by room temperature and finally powdered with GW med Foot Powder.

Listed with the FDA, category of Medical Device under “Protector, Skin Pressure”, Listing Number D142415